“A punishment to some, to some a gift, and to many a favor.”



Discipline is something that is typically used in BDSM type of relationships. It can be a punishment to correct an undesirable behavior in a submissive, but to be honest, a dominant can choose to inflict discipline on their sub whenever they feel like it, simply to show that they are in charge. Discipline looks like a whole lot of different things depending on the specific BDSM relationship and dynamic, and it can be done by a female dominant or a male dominant to a sub of any gender.

Types of Discipline

Some discipline looks traditional, like punishing your sub by having them press their nose to the wall, or having them wear a dunce cap when they have been acting particularly stupid. Other discipline takes the corporal route, with paddles, canes and leather straps that can teach your bottom a lesson by inflicting pain. There are also nipple clamps, clothespins and other tools that can achieve this goal. Of course, forming rules or behavioral stipulations can also be a form of discipline, like not allowing your sub to say certain words.

Safe Words

With this type of play it is always important to have a safe word in order to keep the play totally on the up and up. Always give your bottom an out in any play scenario – even if your relationship looks more like a 24/7 situation. Having safe play always makes things more fun and sexy because it makes less to worry about and creates more space for you to just relax and get turned on by fun BDSM play. In addition, before you engage in any type of discipline, especially ones that involve physical pain, make sure you research proper methods on the internet before doing it for the first time!

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