Dental Dams

“Safe sex is an act of self love.”

-Miya Yamanouchi


Dental dams are a safer sex object that helps people who want to lick pussy and play with them but don’t necessarily know the testing status of the girl, or have something they want to protect them from. There is also a known usage of dental dams for anal licking jobs for obvious reasons. The dental dam is quite useful and it is also a very simple idea. It is a sheet of latex or nitrile material that can be placed over something to prevent transfer of fluids. It is also used in dentistry for a variety of reasons, but people saw it’s uses for sex pretty soon after it was introduced for that.

How to Use

Using a dental dam is really easy. All you have to do is open the package the dam has come in, and then spread it over your partner’s pussy or asshole. You may want to put some lube on the side that is going on your partner because it can make it feel a little better. Then you just have to lick! You should also make sure that no tears or holes are in the dam for maximum protection. Then just follow your instincts as to how to make your partner have an orgasm. The sensation for a dental dam is a little different than straight up oral sex but nothing is sexier than safer sex!


If you don’t have an official dental dam lying around you can always use a few alternatives. First of all, if you have a latex or nitrile glove you can cut it open and use it as a barrier. You can also cut open a brand new condom or female condom to use as a barrier. Finally, if you have plastic wrap (the non-microwavable kind) that actually can serve as an impromptu barrier as well. Safer sex is better sex with these tools that most people have lying around their house waiting to be sexualized in a freaky way!

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