Cyber Sex

“Don’t believe anything you read on the net. Except this.”

-Douglas Adams


Cyber sex is what happens when you hop online and go onto some dating site or instant messaging service that allows for instant communication. Technically you can even do cyber sex via e-mail, but it is a little bit slower. It all happens when you start to type some sexy messages to your new friend, and things take a turn towards even steamier. Usually during cybering, you would masturbate yourself while imagining all of the things happening that your partner was typing was really happening.

Cyber Sex Tips

How do you get an online conversation to go towards cybering? Well, it’s really easy. Just start with one of the stereotypical questions like what are you wearing? Then see how things develop from there. If the other person doesn’t really seem into it, then you are probably just out of luck and you could find another person to chat with, but if they are, then you can always get things moving forward. Simply describe all of the hot things that you’d like to do to them. The best thing is that you’re not really bound by the laws of physics when you do cybering so you can create a vast fantasyland!

Why People Do It

People like cyber sex for a variety of reasons. First of all, cybering can connect two people who are far apart, but who already know they like each other. Nowadays with the prevalence of video chatting, there can also be a visual aspect to it, which makes things even hotter. In addition, cybering is a great way to see if you have a good sexual chemistry with someone before you meet up for some in person smooching and playing.

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