Dragon Boating

“I like big butts and I can not lie.”

-Sir Mix a Lot


Dragon boating is a lot like motorboating, where you put your face in between two nice big titties and move your face back and forth while blowing out, however dragon boating moves the activity lower and makes use of her big ass cheeks instead. Some people think that it is only called dragon boating when you do it with an Asian girl, since dragon boats are Asian in origins, but most people will agree that you can call it dragon boating no matter where your slut’s ass comes from ancestrally.

Butt Stuff Hygiene

Her ass is not as clean as her tits, even if she has recently showered. If you are going to do any kind of butt stuff, you should definitely be aware of a person’s STI status and you should also know the risks of licking up stuff back there. You wouldn’t motorboat a girl with filth between her tits (well ok maybe you would), but always be wary of dragon boating an unclean ass! Plus, you will be exchanging fluids if your saliva gets tossed out of your mouth mid dragon boat as well.


The first thing to know about dragon boating is that most people think it is best if you have a girl or guy with a big ass so you have a lot of flesh to separate the cheeks and make it sound deeper. There aren’t many special skills you need to have in order to do it, but if done right sometimes the simplest sex acts also become the most memorable.

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