Eiffel Tower

“I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.”

-Natalie Lloyd


The Eiffel Tower is a place in France that is a feat of architecture and engineering. It is a tall tower that has a distinctive sloped shape. To some who haven’t been there it simply looks like many electrical towers do, however, if you’ve seen it up close you will know it is much more magnificent than that. The tower is so iconic that there is also a sex act named after it. This is when, in a threesome with two guys, both guys spear the girl in the middle with one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy or ass while she is on all fours. Then they high five above her, making their group sex session into the shape of an Eiffel tower!

How To Get There

If you’ve always wanted to do an Eiffel, first you have to get the pieces together for a threesome. This means you will have to either have a partner or go online and find one who wants to have a threesome. Then you’ll have to get a buddy or friend to help you out with your goals. You may want to pre-plan the positions of the fucking with your friend to make sure that you can reach your goals of doing the Eiffel Tower high five in the first place. However, sometimes it can just happen naturally. If you’re open to leaving things up to chance, then no planning is required.

Why Do It?

Most people believe that this sex move is just one of those things you see in a funny movie and it is cool to try once. You might get a laugh out of it and you probably won’t feel the need to try it again, but you can always do it again if the opportunity presents itself. Some people love it because it is a show of bro-friend love while doing something hot, and it makes guys feel closer to each other in friendship.

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