Dutch Rub

Boogie boogie. I just want to give you nook. Noogie noogie. Turn around let me see how you would. Do me Do me”



A dutch rub is also known as a noogie. This is when someone roughly rubs their knuckles across someone else’s head. A noogie is often performed while someone is in a headlock, meaning their head and neck are being held in the crook of the other person’s elbow. Typically a noogie is non-sexual. A dutch rub, though basically the same thing, is done willingly by both parties and is sexual. It is a common form of abrasion play.

The Kink of Dutch Rub

An abrasion kink is when someone becomes sexually aroused by coming into contact with a rough surface such as sandpaper. However, it can also be deriving sexual arousal from rough surface contact, such as knuckles being roughly rubbed into their head or other parts of their body. The dutch rub is a safe way to participate in abrasion kink, with very little risk of causing an actual abrasion. The knuckles can be rubbed on the person’s head or other part of their body. 


Though a dutch rub is a very safe form of abrasion kink, any abrasion has the potential to cause injury. A dutch rub is more likely to cause bruising but can also cause tears in the skin. It is a good idea to have a first aid kid ready in case the skin is broken. If the dutch rub is more aggressive, it is a good idea to have ice available in case of any swelling and arnica cream for bruising.

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