Edge Play

“Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. At the edge of perception, weird things dance and howl.”

– M.H. Boroson


Edge play is defined as anything that has been deemed too taboo to even really talk about in mainstream society, and even fetish communities. It’s the things that only the freakiest people do that aren’t quite illegal, but you might think it is, or that it should be. The people who do edge play are ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves, despite what society might think of them. They usually keep things behind closed doors and don’t talk about their deep dark secrets in the light of day.

What Is Real Taboo?

Taboo activities go beyond a stepsister fantasy, a bondage experience or some golden shower. They are the things that even the pros don’t do, and the things you won’t find in any porn movie on the regular net, you will have to go to the dark net for these. No one is here to tell you whether or not these things are moral or not, we’re simply here to educate you that these things exist and are here for those who wish to have those types of experience. Most BDSM and fetish events don’t have anything considered edge play because it often scares other people.


If you are ever planning on doing anything related to edge play, it’s best to do it behind closed doors with someone you trust. You can’t expect to go to a fetish party and do the most taboo things and get applauded. You’ll likely get kicked out and told never to come back again. It’s best to do these things with a trusted partner who you’ve known for a long time. Use safe words so that you can let your partner know if you really want things to stop, and make sure you have other safety measures in place, which could vary depending on the activity at hand. Edge play can be great because exploring such dark nether regions can bring people closer together than ever before, but there’s a reason why most people never enter these rich waters, so be careful and always play safe!

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