“Most of us are imprisoned by something. We’re living in darkness until something flips on the switch.”

-Wynonna Judd


An imprisonment fetish is a fixation with being locked inside of any sort of cage, room, casket, or any other isolated space. This often has elements of consensual torture as well, possibly involving poking or prodding through cage bars, teasing, taunting, or belittling. Shame play is a common combination with the imprisonment kink.

The Fetish

People who are into imprisonment as a fetish often meet with other like-minded individuals that enjoy imprisoning others, to create a scene centered on the feeling of being caged and controlled. This is often accomplished with portable cages that are used for animals and can be moved easily from space to space, so that scenes of imprisonment can be played out in many places. If there is access to actual holding cells or if caskets are on hand, those are also within the realms of the imprisonment kink and are commonly used between individuals to play out this fetish.

What To Do

It’s important to remember that acting out this kink will relinquish any control you have over your freedom, unless you are in a cage that can be unlocked or undone from the inside, so you need to do this with individuals you trust. That being said, there are plenty of online groups where you can discuss different forms of imprisonment. When approaching interested parties either online or offline, make sure you can check their background through other people you trust. You can also explore this fetish further in public dungeon settings, which will give a greater sense of safety since you will have others around to watch what goes on. Remember to have a safe-word for when you are ready to be done and out of your imprisonment, especially if taunting you while imprisoned is part of your fetish.

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