“I used to get a shiver if I thought about holding balloons, because I was scared of floating away.”

-Fiona Apple


An inflation fetish is when someone has a fantasy about getting filled up with air and being blown up like a balloon. For many who enjoy this fetish, they don’t know why they have it but they have a distinct memory of when they first realized this fetish was going to be a part of their life. Many remember seeing a cartoon in which a character got inflated as a cruel joke, or maybe they enjoy the feeling of helpless doom that would come when a cruel mistress decides to inflate them up to gargantuan sizes making them completely useless.

A Huff And A Puff

Of course you cannot actually inflate most body parts, but many people who like this fetish enjoy receiving enemas or getting filled up with air in order to make their abdomens swell. This is something that should be done carefully and by someone who has experience. Now, others get special latex body suits that feel like a second skin. These are double layered so they can be inflated just like a balloon. Many latex fetishists in general enjoy the isolating sensation of inflated latex surrounding their entire bodies, but for inflation lovers, it is simply the best.

Pump It Up

When inserting anything into the ass, like enemas or air, it’s important to pay attention to bodily cues. Some discomfort and even pain is to be expected, but these should feel like stomach cramping or gas pains. If you feel any sort of sharp and sudden pain, you should stop right away. It’s easy to play safely and carefully, but things can go wrong in the blink of an eye. Being responsible is a big part of any fetish, which sounds like a drag but it actually leads to having even more fun!

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