“The weak are meat; the strong eat.”

-Ancient Japanese Idiom


Japanese means anything that comes from the Eastern country of Japan, a series of islands far out in the Pacific Ocean. This country is known for its attention to detail and love of perfection in many different ways. They are a very sexual people but in somewhat unconventional ways. Japan is where rope bondage came from, and it is also where a lot of other sexual practices originated. Their porn is weird but strangely they are also a somewhat conservative country so all of the best parts of the porn – the cock and pussy are always blurred out. There are some authentic Japanese sites that avoid this somehow but they are few and far between.

The Girls

Japanese girls are adorable. They have beautiful brown almond-shaped eyes. They often walk knock-kneed because they think it is cute. When they get fucked they first mew like they are shy but then they moan and scream just like any other type of babe. Japanese girls are often petite with small breasts and hairy pussies, but with the spread of western culture more and more of them are coming to the scene with fake tits and shaved snatches. One of the most popular authentic Japanese pornstars in Marica Hase. She came to the US as a successful Japanese star and her fame only grew even more.


JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video. Anytime you see this you know you will be getting authentic Japanese porn. No Chinese smut, or Filipina porn mixed in. Just pure Japanese sex films! A major theme in JAV is a college schoolgirl wearing the traditional Japanese sailor schoolgirl outfit. There are also other themes that can honestly get kind of weird but that’s what everyone loves about it.

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