“I don’t think India is a sex-starved nation.”

-Sunny Leone


Indian women are often considered exotic and beautiful, but people really don’t know much about their culture. There are actually a lot of different cultures in India and they all have different rules about sex and sexuality, though most of them are quite conservative. However, there are some Indian women who break those stereotypes and they are quite controversial. Indian women are known for their tan skin, beautiful brown and black hair and lovely almond-shaped brown eyes. Indian porn is a pretty popular niche these days because the country is becoming more open to people making porn movies.

Popular Indians in Pop Culture

One of the most famous Indians to porn enthusiasts is Sunny Leone. She used to be a pornstar and then she moved back to India to become a hot Desi Bollywood star. She has found a great deal of success even though most of the roles she has played thus far are theatrical versions of her own self. Another girl you might know about is the popular Indian pornstar Priya Rai. She is super sexy! She started in the porn biz back in 2007, and since she was 29 already at the time she has a bit of a MILF flavoring. Nadia Nyce is another Indian pornstar who is a clear classic. She was mostly popular in the 90s but she left her mark on everyone’s memory.

Finding an Indian Partner

If you want to try dating someone who is Indian you should just do it already! There are online dating sites that are specifically for Indian people and you can find either a guy or a girl to date there. There are some stereotypes about Indian people that you should ignore because you need to remember that everyone is an individual person with their own thoughts and interests. And no, Indian people don’t all smell like curry, so just forget that idea right now!

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