“You use hypnosis not as a cure, but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn.”

-Milton H. Erickson


Hypnosis is a mental practice used for many purposes. In terms of fetish and sexuality, it is often used for mind control. People who are into hypnosis as a fetish dream of being turned into brainless slaves or sex crazed maniacs through the use of mind control techniques. They also dream of having their brains wired differently so they can enjoy outlandish sexual feelings, perhaps like feeling as if their feet were as sensitive as their vagina. Whether or not hypnosis is real and can really achieve these goals for any person remains to be seen,

Unlocking the Unconscious

Many people into hypnosis try dream techniques to unlock their deepest sexual fantasies that even their own conscious mind was unaware about. If you look at hypnosis fetish videos, that is a common theme. The idea that people have dirty sexual desires hidden behind the facade of their every day appearance is quite alluring to these hypnotism enthusiasts. They also love to use hypnosis to take away any inhibitions that a girl might feel, which turns them into a nude masturbating mess. Of course, you must have a person’s consent to perform hypnosis on them and you should agree beforehand what the hypnosis will entail.

How to Learn

There are many services out there that claim they will help you learn about erotic hypnosis and how to do it, however, many think it is best to go to an official hypnosis school and then put your own erotic twist on the craft. Dozens of books have also been published on the subject. While many doubt the reality of hypnotism, some believe it can be harmful if you put the wrong things into someone’s delicate mind. You’ll have to try and be careful with this mysterious and sexual practice. Being in control of someone’s mind it a big responsibility, especially when they trust you with that control willingly.

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