“Hazing is not breaking the rules. It is the rule itself.”

-Alexander Golts


Hazing is a practice that often occurs at college when someone first joins a sports team or a fraternity or sorority. Outside of fetish context, hazing can get pretty gross and mean, however, there are actually some people who have a hazing fetish. It might have been brought on by some experience in college, or it might just be brought on by people thinking about how hot it would be to be dominated by whole groups of mean guys and gals. Hazing often involves a lot of things related to BDSM like bondage, blindfolds, submission games and spanking games as well, so it only makes sense that people might like to act out a hazing fantasy.

Hazing Rituals

If you want to try hazing, you can do it all alone with one partner or you can get a group of sexy friends together. If you want to be the submissive or the subject of the hazing, you should tell your friends about the aspects of your fantasy and hopefully they can devise something that you will enjoy. You should always play hazing games with a safeword because it is very similar to BDSM play and things might start to get real. A big theme in hazing porn is the sub is naked and everyone else keeps their clothes on, so that is a great place to start! From there you can get into some humiliation games and other kinky things.

Hazing Porn

Even if you are into hazing, you might not be able to find someone who can fulfill your fantasies right away. Luckily for you there are actually so many porn sites and videos dedicated to the art of hazing and showing fantasy hazing scenes both with hot pornstars and sweet amateurs. There are also plenty of erotic hazing stories to read and photo sets of hazing. Some people get off on reading real news stories about hazing incidents that didn’t end as well as they do in the fantasies.

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