“Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.”

-Charles M. Schultz


The gym is a place that is usually not related to sexy times. It’s a place you go to torture yourself, if you hate it, or to enjoy yourself, if you like it. There are all sorts of different activities you can do at the gym. You can do yoga and look at all the yoga babes and their nice booties in yoga pants, you can lift weights, run on the treadmill or try an elliptical or bike machine. You can try the weightlifting machines too, which are great for anyone whether you’ve got workout experience or not. However, in this context, we are referring to sexual fantasy situations that happen at the gym. These fantasies entail having a hottie that you’d like to bang at the gym, and then throwing all those inhibitions that make you behave properly in real life out of the window.

Real Life Gym Fantasies

There are all sorts of activities that you can do for sexy times at the gym. However, for the most part, it would not be good to try and do that. This is because first of all the gym is a public place, and fucking in public is a bit risky. If you can sneak into the bathroom together it might be fun, but if you get caught you might get kicked out of the gym forever. However, some gyms are smaller so if you’re the only ones there, it might be OK! If you are tempted to hit on a hottie at the gym it’s best not to. They are just there to work out and they might not appreciate your attentions.

Bringing a Fantasy to Life

If you have a serious gym fantasy then it would be best to get someone you already know to act it out with you. You could find ways to make it happen. If you have some fitness equipment at home a little role-playing would be easy. If you belong to a gym where you can go at an odd hour when no one is there, or rent out the whole thing for a night, that would be a great way to make it happen too. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from having dirty talk at the gym with your lover!

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