“The slave cannot free herself. She can be freed only by an owner.”

-Renegades of Gor


Gor started out as the fantasy world from a group of novels that were heavily detailed in the way of life that the Gorean people enjoyed. They existed in a fictional heavily regimented society in which guys are fully in charge, and all the females are slaves. The women have to follow strict protocols, and the men have free reign to do whatever it is they wish to do. The books are highly sexual and also have a lot of military initiatives in them. Some people loved the books so much that they have taken them literally as a mode of life and so they come to have Gorean slave relationships with their significant others.

The Rules

There are many things for Gorean submissives to remember, and the dominants have to remember these things too! First of all, any sub has to name everyone as Master or Mistress. If they can’t tell the gender of the “freeperson” they are supposed to call them Master. Subs can’t use the pronouns I, Me or Mine. Everything given to a slave doesn’t belong to them and can easily be taken away. The positions have weird names like Nadu, but they are basic slave positions: kneeling, laying down etc.

Gor in Real Life

The applications of Gor can seem kind of sexy on first glance, but in reality, it’s not that much different than a lot of BDSM relationships. Before engaging in any kind of relationship related to all of this, you should do research on everything that can happen in this type of relationship because it is not an easy one! People weren’t necessarily meant to be real life 24/7 slaves and it can be hard. Be prepared for what can occur when you are met with challenges that arise from a lifestyle BDSM relationship by forming a trustworthy community with other like-minded freaks.

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