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People participating in the kigurumi fetish are interested in wearing anime masks, and more specifically female anime masks. This is not to be confused with the popular onesy style of pajamas that are shaped like cartoon animals or mythical creature, although these may be incorporated into the kigurumi style of erotic play as well. It is frequent for men with the kigurumi fetish to want to wear female anime masks while having erotic encounters, or to want to watch other men wearing female anime masks, but this fetish isn’t limited to same-sex encounters or any particular gender.

From Anime To Reality

There are more anime fans in the world than not, and it’s not going to be hard to find those that are involved in the kink world as well. Search out conversations on kink sites based around anime, and you’ll soon be able to find someone interested in kigurumi. A good place to start will be on forums for popular anime series with female characters as their main stars.
Sailor Moon is a common female character that is often roleplayed by many LARPers, which provides a wide range of mask options for this character. Look up any mainstream female anime characters, find the one you wish to portray or have portrayed for you, and order the one that turns you on the most. Don’t lose heart if the character you want to portray isn’t mainstream, there are many individual artists out there that would take a commission to build you the exact character mask you’ve been fantasizing about.

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