“Anticipation makes the hard-on longer.”

-Itsby Stevintary


Kolpeuryntomania is when a person is turned on by having their vagina forced to dilate, or stretch, into much wider proportions by an object or girthy body part.

The Fetish

Examples of kolpeuryntomania could also include fisting, where a person’s entire fist and arm are put inside of a vagina, which then dilates the vagina to a much wider opening. When the fisting is done in a bit more of a rough manner to a recipient with a pussy stretching kink, it can cause great sexual pleasure and arousal for the woman it’s being done to. This can be a more common kink among women that are considered “size queens”, since they already experience higher arousal with a partner with an extremely large penis. Kolpeuryntomania could involve inanimate objects as well. There isn’t an exact definition as to what can be used to help dilate the vagina further, so other fetishes may fall in line with this one as well.

What To Do

Finding someone to participate in this fetish with you isn’t going to be a difficult task, and it shouldn’t be hard to bring up with your current partners. Take precautions to make sure your partner goes slowly, and that you have either a safe-word in place for them to stop or hand gestures to alert them to your need for them to slow down, speed up, etc. There are going to be lots of communities online that discuss kinks such as pussy stretching, making it an easy topic to discuss with others that have already participated in said kink. You will be able to get advice on what kind of feeling certain items elicit when used to dilate a vagina, learn some handy tips to keep yourself safe and in the zone of enjoyment, and even find some partners that are interested in pursuing this kink with you.

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