“I am grateful for hands to tickle with. Not so grateful for that process in reverse, however.”

-Richelle E. Goodrich


A person with knismolagnia is aroused by another person tickling them.

The Fetish

This kink is often enacted by another person being restrained or held down so that they can’t escape the person tickling them. The tickling sensation inspires an erotic feeling in the recipient of the tickling, which then often leads to other forms of sexual play. Feathers, fingers, and other forms of soft fabrics are often used to engage in the tickling of another person during this fetish play, and can be combined with different forms of restraint. Tickling play can also be done without restraints, but will possibly involve having to chase the person being tickled before getting to tickle them. Knismolagnia can be pursued in multiple fashions and combined with other forms of BDSM, where tickling is used in-between other forms of consensual punishment to change up the sensations being experienced.  

What To Do

Discussing a tickling fetish ahead of time will help your partner understand the types of sensation play that really arouses you. Laughter can sometimes be off-putting to some people during sex, but if you describe what tickling does for you then it may start to excite your partner when they hear you laughing. There are multiple groups and communities about different forms of BDSM – knismolagnia is one that is openly and frequently discussed. You’ll be able to talk about different forms of tickling with others that are interested, and possibly find partners to engage in tickle play with. There are plenty of toys at different adult supply stores that can be used for tickling, even if that was not their original purpose. Express your love of tickling, and in no time, you’ll find partners that want to engage in tickling you until you’re just overwhelmed with erotic excitement.

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