Just the Tip

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sooner or later we’re going to hit the stride.”

-Fred Smoot


Just the tip is a game that some people play. It’s kind of like a game of roulette, but not as much chance is involved. It is played a lot by people who are new in their relationships and by people who are in college and exploring their sexuality. Basically, the guy tell his girl that he is not going to fuck her all the way, which might be painful for her if she is new to having sex. So, he just puts the tip of his cock into her pussy and doesn’t go much further. Then he moves around a little bit, or doesn’t, but for guys who haven’t had too much sex in their lives, even that little bit of stimulation can be pretty exciting.

But Really, Just the Tip

A lot of guys like to play this game because they think that once the tip is in, the girl will want more, but what they don’t understand is that sex with a chick who is brand new to the act isn’t all that pleasant and it actually hurts quite a bit, so doing just the tip is probably all the girl will want to do. Don’t try to push her into doing more unless she suggests going that far because that wouldn’t be cool at all! Just the tip is a fun game and it exists for a reason, so use it that way!

Seriously, Honestly, Only Just The Tip

Some girls want to remain “pure” until marriage or until true love comes along. Perhaps it’s their religion that makes them think that way, or simply their morals. Whatever it is, you need to respect a girl’s wishes, and allow her to be the way she wants to. Some chicks simply don’t want the “stigma” of being a “slut,” a term which isn’t ever actually a bad thing, which can be put upon them if they live in a small town atmosphere where word travels fast when anyone has sex a lot! So they may like to do just the tip so that they don’t get labeled with those terms.

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