“Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.”

-Iris Marion Young


If you’ve got a lactation fetish then you love to see women who can make milk squirt out of their breasts. It’s hard to find someone to fulfill this fetish unless you’re always around someone who is pregnant currently, or has been preggo been. Most women can make a bit of colostrum come out (the thick and creamy substance in a woman’s breasts) however only an active nursemaid can spew milk in quantities suitable for lactation freaks!

Milk Maids

While many people have a fetish for the actual milk that comes out of the breast, others have a fetish for simply suckling on the nipple, perhaps because they realize the difficulties in finding someone who is actively producing. These people might be happy to know that it is actually possible to induce breastfeeding through a combination of completely legal supplements which are made from natural herbs and through pumping the breasts for a long period of time – usually 6 months or more – with a mechanical breast pump. If the milk is important to your fetish, it might be worth it to try but always consult your doctor before starting any dietary regimen.

Milk and Humiliation

One common BDSM fantasy having a woman get her breasts milked. Many fantasy porn movies that are on the more extreme side of BDSM show a woman hooked up to a milking machine that pulls the juice out of each of her tits. A submissive may also want to drink his or her mistress’ breast milk as a reward or as a humiliating punishment. While lactation freaks doesn’t always to come with a BDSM fetish relationship, it can certainly enhance one if you’ve into it as well.

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