“The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.”

-Rite Mae Brown


Lesbophilia describes a lot of guys out there. They love to watch lesbian porn and they have a thing for girls who enjoy making out with each other. Those with lesbophilia would probably rather have a threesome with two girls than anything else, and they might just want to sit back and watch the hot girl on girl action taking place. Not sure if you have lesbophilia? Watch lesbian porn videos and find out if it makes you swoon with sexiness. Lesbians can be so fucking nasty, and those with a fetish for lesbians think about girls fucking girls to get off, even when they are dick-deep in their own girlfriend or wife.

This is Awkward

While there is plenty of lesbian porn out there for guys to enjoy from afar, there aren’t too many real lesbians who are willing to put on a show for free. Some bisexual girls love to make out and play in a threesome, but if you have a fetish for true lesbians then you will probably have a hard time finding a real lesbo couple to make your fantasies come true unless you hire them legally or find them in swinger communities or other places where public sex and bisexuality is pretty much second nature.

Lesbo Porn

Lesbian porn is pretty great and it can give you relief between sex sessions. You can find out whether or not a site has lesbian smut on it pretty easily and you will be able to find lesbians kissing or licking each other in plenty of vids online. Economics also play a role because lesbian porn is cheaper for studios to film than guys and gals together. That’s another reason so many lesbians XXX hardcore movies end up online.

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