“Fuck and smoke plenty of cigarettes.”

-Charles Bukowski


The smoking fetish is for anyone allured or aroused by the idea of someone smoking a cigarette or a cigar. They might enjoy the object passing the lips, a clear oral fixation symbol of a cock if you ask Dr. Freud. They may enjoy the smoke itself, and get off from the scent which clings to all of their garments. They may simply have great memories of hot people smoking in the past, or good associations with their favorite stars in movies who have been smokers. Whatever the reason why someone enjoys the smoking fetish, it is an easy fantasy to bring to life. Cigarettes and cigars are readily available to most over the age of 18 or 21 in most jurisdictions, and a growing number of regions are now making marijuana legally available as well.

Get Started

If you want to enjoy sexy smoking all you have to do is go down to the local corner store and pick up a pack of smokes. Then go home and light up! Many aspects of smoking fetish play revolve around the skill of blowing smoke rings or blowing the smoke in the other person’s mouth, which adds a little bit of breath play to the sexy affair.

Human Ashtray

Some BDSM players enjoy serving their masters and mistresses to the highest degree. These people sometimes don’t mind, or even actively enjoy, serving as a human ashtray. They will kneel next to their dominant with their mouth wide open as the Dom smokes and ashes inside of the sub’s mouth. If they are a good sub, they will swallow the burnt ash. For those who have no desire to swallow ashes, there are also special gags that one can purchase that have an ashtray attachment.

Smoking Really Isn’t Great for Your Health

The one thing to keep in mind with this fetish is that smoking really isn’t great for your health at all. It’s known to cause cancer and other illnesses. Yes, it can sexy, but it is definitely recommended to limit your exposure to smoke from cigarettes and cigars or any other source. Living a healthy lifestyle usually means living longer and that longevity gives you more time to be freaky!

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