“If there was an epidemic, that definitely would make people accept vaccines. I wouldn’t hope for that, of course, but if you wanted people to love vaccines, an epidemic would remind them how magical they are.”

-Bill Gates


Vaccinophilia is a fetish where a person is aroused by the concept of vaccines and by sexual play involving the imaginary use of vaccines. This vaccine fetish may involve medical attire and equipment during a sexy kink scene.

What Vaccinophilia Involves

People with a fetish for vaccines could arrange to meet with other individuals that are willing to pretend to vaccinate one another, or to set up a medical scene similar to that of when a person gets vaccinated. The purpose of such scenes is arousal, and it can also lead towards sexual acts. The scene may, or may not, involve needle play – that can be negotiated according to how close to an actual vaccination scene is desired.

Tips & Safety

Finding people interested in medical play isn’t that uncommon as a kink, and you’ll be able to access plenty of sites and online communities that will have people interested in that fetish. After establishing someone has a medical kink, just narrow down that you specifically like vaccination as a concept, and you’ll have someone in no time, willing and ready to vaccinate your libido.
If needle play is going to be used during your vaccination play scene, then make sure the person administering is well-versed in the proper use of needles, and in their disposal. Even after the scene is over, remaining safe by properly disposing all the needles that were used is of the utmost importance. Safe play is the only type of play that you should be having, especially when sharp objects of any sort are involved.

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