“What holds the world together, as I have learned from bitter experience, is sexual intercourse.”

-Henry Miller


Vicarphilia refers to being sexually vicarious, and specifically involves an attraction to hearing about others’ sexual activity through their stories. People with this kink find intense arousal in the sexual stories of others.

The Fetish

The vicarphilia fetish is about becoming aroused by other people’s sexual stories, and living vicariously through them. A person with this kink lives their erotic life through the stories of others, because those stories arouse them even more than their own sexual exploits. You’ll find that this fetish is very appealing to introverts that don’t enjoy having a lot of human interaction on their own but enjoy the erotic stories that come from others’ interactions. Adult films are a perfect example of this fetish being portrayed in the mainstream, because people not involved in the sexual activity happening onscreen are intensely aroused by the erotic story unfolding before them. It is a visual exploration of this fetish, but one that is extremely common throughout the world.

What To Do

This fetish is one that can be explored by just being willing to experience other people’s erotic stories – read them online, listen to them through recorded audio (such as the Esoterotica artists’ work), watch the ones that are filmed, and experience them vicariously through the many available options that are out there. You can easily find others that will be willing to share their sexual exploits in social situations, and may even lead to you needing to excuse yourself for a minute to finish what their story started. In the modern world you need not be shy about asking for others’ stories, and more often than not people will share them freely. Sex is a natural thing that is meant to be shared, and loving stories of it is natural as well.

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