“The past is gone but something might be found
To take its place…hey jealousy”

-Gin Blossoms


Zelophilia is sexual arousal from feeling jealous. Jealousy is known as a love killer because it is considered a negative emotion. But someone with a zelophilia fetish gets aroused when they get jealous. Some might think that this means they are not getting jealous, but this is not true. The person is indeed having intense feelings of jealousy but instead of that coming out in anger it comes out as sexual arousal.

Zelophilia In A Relationship

Jealousy can be a very powerful emotion. There are countless books, movies and TV shows that have a storyline of someone getting jealous and then lashing out. A person who is aroused by jealousy might be interested in engaging in roleplaying with their partner, with situations where the partner flirts with other people until they feel jealous and then they have a rendezvous together.

Tread Lightly with Jealousy

The previously described roleplay is an example of a healthy outcome when engaging with zelophilia. An unhealthy outcome could result in first lashing out angrily before pursuing sex or, in the worst case scenario, lashing out and pursuing non-consensual sex. Zelophilia can be a potentially dangerous fetish. For people who have a hard time keeping a healthy balance it can be treated with therapy. As long as the zelophiliac can keep a healthy balance with their jealousy and arousal, this can be a fun way to roleplay and keep things fresh with their partners.

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