Body Modification

“I didn’t do this because I wanted to be different. I did this because I want to be Me.“

-Rick Genest


Body modification doesn’t always have to be fetish related, but it often is. Body modification is any permanent or temporary change to the body, in this case, for sexual purposes. Sometimes the purposes have to do with marks of ownership in Dom/sub relationships. In other cases it has to do with becoming a role like a human pet. Anything that you have seen in the vanilla world from tattoos to piercings is possible. Many also view plastic surgery as a body mod fetish.


Most body modifications have minimal risks. Piercings and tattoos can get infected, but they are easy to take care of. The main risk with more permanent mods is psychological. It is imperative that couples decide together if the modification is what is right for the sub, and that no pressuring occurs. The submissive has to want it as much as the Dominant, and not just because the Dom wants it too! This is because modifications can have a significant effect on employment and other big life factors long after the BDSM relationship has dissolved (let’s face it, many relationships don’t last forever.)

Get Started

If you want to mark your sub, start with play piercings and needle play that will come out and close up after the scene. If that all goes well, then discuss what type of permanent markings you want as a couple, whether that be tattoos or piercings, and make it happen. There are plenty of kinky piercers and tattooists around who wouldn’t mind making the work ceremonial or even part of a scene, as many of those who work in the field are fetishists themselves.

Plastic Surgery as Body Mod

Many people love the idea of plastic surgery as part of their sexual fetish, whether it is because of dollification, bimbofication or a separate plastic surgery fetish. This comes with even more risks than piercing and tattooing, and should not be taken lightly. However, many pornstars, including TS woman Juliette Stray, have made this fetish a successful part of their image.

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