“Obviously, I did a couple of things right on the old casting couch.”

-Jason Bateman


Casting as a fantasy is what happens when a girl is brought into the office of someone she assumes is an agent for a movie or a music video, but it all turns out to be a ruse to get them to star in a porn video. A lot of times the performers in these movies are real amateurs who haven’t really been in porn movies before, and other times they are popular stars who have already made it in the biz but are into acting out this common fantasy. The casting couch fantasy is one that often depicts college cuties getting duped into a sexual session on camera. Some casting movies are actually auditions for porn as well!

Is it Real or Fake?

Some people worry about whether casting couch porn movies are real or not. To the best of our knowledge a few of them are real, but most of them, like the ones with popular pornstars and professional studio quality productions, are fake. The more amateur the video quality, the more likely it is a true amateur honey who really thought she was going to be auditioning for a music video on this particular day.

Casting Couch Fetish

If you have a fetish for this type of session, then all you have to do is act out a hot roleplay with your partner. Of course it wouldn’t be recommended to attend random auditions in your city and suddenly strip off your clothes, because most auditions are legit. So instead you can get together with your lover and act things out until you feel satisfied with the fucking that occurs. When it’s a fantasy, you always get the part!

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