“Chastity… the most unnatural of all the sexual perversions.”

-Aldous Huxley


Chastity once served a purpose. Knights and important men would lock away their wife’s pussy so no one else could misuse their property, but now, it has become a fetish. There are probably more guys who enjoy this fetish simply because it is easier to lock up a cock and adhere to hygienic standards than it is for a pussy, though chastity belts for women still do exist. Usually the submissive has their genitals locked up with a chastity belt or similar device and someone else is their keyholder. Having someone else control your not only your orgasms but any access to your most intimate areas can be a source of intense power exchange among full time BDSM couples.

How Long Is Access Denied?

Some people get locked up in a chastity belt for a few hours during a play session while others give themselves over to someone and leave that decision up to their keyholder. Some people have their orgasms off limits for months at a time, leading to some serious sexual frustration during periods of prohibition. You should be aware that taking away complete access to sex can be very distracting and it can also affect your ability to work or do the things you normally do in life outside the bedroom. If you’re a very physically active person, the devices themselves can also become restrictive as far as how much movement you can engage in athletically; so long term chastity may not work for you.

The Devices

Modern chastity devices are much better than their medieval counterparts. The ones available for women today often come with different options, such as the ability to leave the backdoor open or closed, and interior shields that make them more comfortable, because the shield can be removed for cleaning. Men’s chastity belts – often referred to as cock cages, encase the cock inside a rectangular prison. Usually that prevents even a mild erection from being possible. They can also be made from plastic or stainless steel. Some cock cages have nasty spikes on the inside to make any arousal physically painful as a sensory cue for training purposes. The most extreme versions of chastity devices integrate body piercings into their overall design for maximum security.


The best way to maintain proper hygiene while wearing a chastity belt is for the keyholder to observe the submissive while they remove the chastity device and clean themselves before putting it back on, to make sure that no “mistakes” can occur during washing. Others like to allow these naughty transgressions to happen because punishment for non-approved orgasms is also a terrific way to teach the consequences of disobedience! Devices really do need to be removed about once a week at a minimum in order to avoid a nasty funk and abhorrent smell. Even the filthiest female whore also needs to clean her pussy regularly, especially during menses in order to maintain a proper PH balance. Otherwise serious health ailments can occur, and her pussy would become useless during times when it is desired in any case.

Orgasm Permission And Forced Orgasms

Chastity is the more serious overarching aspect of a more popular fetish known by many as Orgasm Permission or Forced Orgasms. In these subcategories of Chastity play, a Dominant partner controls his submissive’s ability to climax by withholding permission, or requiring an orgasm to occur within a set timeframe. For example, a Dom might tell his sub “You have three minutes to cum, and if you fail you will not be allowed to cum any time in the next three weeks” or a Dom may tell his submissive to rub her pussy and bring herself to the precipice of an intense orgasm, only to abruptly end the session and flatly explain “no orgasms for you today.”

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