“It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair.”

-Taylor Swift


A catfight is when two girls get mad at each other and go at it. It is called a catfight because it often resembles two feline creatures going at it against each other, complete with screaming and yowling. Instead of punching and kicking like men usually do, a catfight is characterized by scratching and slapping and even sometimes biting. It is stereotypically done by people who have some kind of petty issue with each other. In the past it was thought that only trashy girls did catfighting, but it can certainly happen to anyone.

Why It’s Sexy

Just like erotic wrestling, seeing two women getting it on in a fight can be pretty hot for a guy. The girls’ clothes might come off or get ripped off, and their grunts and groans sound vaguely sexual. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that guys find catfights hot because they think that if girls get that close and intimate, they might eventually kiss. There is such a thing as catfighting for fun, and that is where people who have this sexual interest find their niche.

Act it Out

If you’re going to try to have a catfight for sexual fun, then you should establish some ground rules first. A safe word is definitely in order, because you need a way to stop if things get too intense. You should also discuss boundaries beforehand, so that you can avoid the things you really do NOT want to do. Once you’re ready, go at it! It is recommended to remove any heavy rings or earrings so that they don’t interfere with the fighting that is about to occur.

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