“I’m not Muslim, and no I couldn’t say no to it, it was a clever plot aside from the blatant sacrilege.”

-Mia Khalifa


Arab typically refers to the people who have originated on the Arabian peninsula, which now consists of countries like Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Morocco and others. Nowadays they are typically Muslim countries, and ones that have come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years. Most started out as nomadic people living in the area, and tradition states that in a biblical sense, they are descended from Ishmael, the son of Abraham, depending on if you believe in that sort of thing. As far as sexiness goes, the women are very mysterious due to their modesty, which makes them desirable.

Arab Porn

Pornstar Mia Khalifa made a big splash in her porn debut as one of the only Lebanese-American pornstars. She wore a hijab, the traditional Muslim head covering while she sucked a dick at the dinner table with another MILF friend. Everyone was up in arms, but since then, hijab or even burka porn isn’t unusual or outrageous. Another pornstar, Nadia Ali, is actually Muslim and at first she resisted wearing the hijab in porn, but eventually relented because she knew that was what her fans wanted to see. Now she is actually banned from returning to her family’s home country of Pakistan because of that.

Why It’s Hot

Arab porn and fucking Muslims is considered hot mainly because they are such a hot-button topic in the world. As soon as the existence of these porn scenes became more widely known, searches for Arab porn skyrocketed on porn sites that track that information. Arab porn is also definitely in demand because Muslim women are somewhat mysterious and everyone wonders what it would be like to fuck one. Now you can see what it’s like in a porn movie, so find one and find out!

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