“Hatred is blind, as well as love.”

-Oscar Wilde


Amaurophilia is mainly a sexual preference for sex with a blind person, but it can also refer to wanting sex with someone who is blindfolded, or in total darkness.

Beyond the Blindfold

Amaurophiliacs go beyond just wearing a blindfold. Often the desired effect is to simulate blindness, which means being in total darkness. For some, it can also mean a preference for sex with blind people. It is believed that having sex in darkness will increase all of your other senses, making your sense of touch, sound, and taste heightened and increasing your pleasure. There is also a big trust element when you are blindfolded. You do not know what your partner is doing or will do to you. The sense of heightened anticipation can also make your other senses seem more sensitive.

Flying Blind

If you are interested in trying out blind sex the easiest way to do it is to try using a blindfold. A blindfold does not have to be anything fancy. It can be a suit tie, or a scarf folded up. Sleeping masks work as wonderful blindfolds. If you don’t like the feeling of something over your eyes, you can try blacking out your room using blackout curtains, put towels under the doors to block out light seeping in, and simply turn out the lights. If you blackout your room, make sure you don’t seal it so you cut off air circulation. Once the lights are off, try not to trip over furniture, and have fun exploring each other blind.

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