“Sometimes it gets so hot I want to crawl right out of my skin.”

-John Goodman, Charlie Meadows


Actirasty is the deriving of sexual pleasure from the sun’s rays. It is a common weather fetish.

Sun Worshipers

The term sun worshipers can be used to reference people who literally worship the sun or sun gods, or just people who love to lay out in the sun all the time. Most modern sun worshipers are from that second group – just people who love the sun and try to spend as much time in its rays as possible. They often do not care too much for the after-effects of the sun on their skin, so tanning and tan lines can be a part of sun worship.

The Pleasure Of Sun Rays

It is a fact that the sun literally makes people feel better. It is a mood elevator and a cure for seasonal depression. But for some, it improves more than their mood. It can give them erotic pleasurable sensations. Though people who find sexual pleasure from the sun may not be able to stand in the sunlight and reach orgasm, the effect is one that roots them in their body and turns on all the sensual feelings inside them. They can derive sensual feeling from the places on their body the sun warms. 

Dangers of the Sun

For the most part this is a fairy safe fetish. Even if you are having sex fully naked in the sun, it is pretty safe. The biggest risk is sunburn, which can be combated by simply putting on sunblock. There is a risk of premature aging, but sunblock should take care of that risk.

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