“What happened under the moon
It stays under the moon”

-070 Shake


Agoraphilia is getting aroused by having sex in public places or outside. This can be having sex outdoors or simply fantasizing about sex outside. Though this seems like it is exhibitionism, it is different. Exhibitionism is when someone gets sexual pleasure at the idea of being seen. Though some agoraphiles may also be exhibitionists, not all are. 

Fantasy vs. Reality

Sex outside is a very common fantasy, and a reality for a lot of people. For many people agoraphilia can just mean having sex outside – it does not have to be in a public place. It can happen in your pool, in your backyard, or in the woods when you are camping. As long as other people are not non-consensually watching you, then your fantasy can become a reality with relative ease and safety.

If you want to have sex in public places where people may see you, even if you don’t actually want to be seen, you start to tread into some murky waters. If you have sex where someone can see you and you did not get their consent, then this becomes an issue of non-consent and can be a crime. This includes sex in your backyard. If you have sex in public and a person sees you, you may get busted for indecent exposure and licentiousness. If the exhibitionism aspect of agoraphilia is interesting to you, sex clubs are a great way to go. Sex clubs allow you to have sex in public and your audience is all consenting.


If you are going to have sex in public, make sure you are aware of your surroundings. It is possible to have public sex and still be private, such as going to a single person bathroom or locking yourself in a coat closet. Make sure there are no people around or any way you could be seen. If you are in nature, be wary of things like poison ivy and animals. If you have sex at work, just be prepared that you could lose your job. Always keep in mind that there are security cameras everywhere and even if it seems private you may have Big Brother watching you.

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