Needle Play

“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

-William Goldman


Needle play is a kind of sexual activity that is done by people who have been trained how to put needles through skin in a safe and sexy way. It’s a painful type of play that creates some beautiful results when done well, and with a good intention. Many people like to create needle corsets or beautiful play piercing designs on their submissives. Some get off on the true trust and submission that it takes in order to do this kind of play. Others love the endorphin rush that comes from the pain of so many piercings in a play session.

It’s Safe, With Training

If you’ve been trained to play with needles then it can be safe. Don’t try to just randomly stick people with needles though, because you can make them very sick if you don’t know about proper sterilization. In addition, you should protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens by using gloves, in case things get messy. As with many sexual activities, it’s best if you know the STI status of your play partners. Needle tops should always use fresh, new hypodermic or acupuncture needles, and should never reuse the needles. Skin should be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic before doing a scene with needles, and a basic knowledge of human anatomy is also helpful.

On The Hook

One extreme form of play piercing is known as hook suspension. Usually needle play and play piercing are like a gateway to this type of play. Those who enjoy this play get large hooks strategically placed in their bodies. Then they are hung up from these hooks by experts who know how to not leave any lasting damage to the body. It seems extreme but it’s actually something that has been part of a few tribal religious ceremonies in the past. Nowadays it is usually done by a small group of people who are experts and know how to work together to give someone an awesome suspension experience.

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