“When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in they eye.”

-Cathy Guisette


Oculolinctus is a puzzling fetish that has developed and gained some steam in the past few years, mainly in Japan which shouldn’t be surprising because they have a lot of kinky sexual practices over there. It basically involves the sexual practice of licking the eyeball. It is also called “worming,” though it’s not completely apparent why. Some people think that this whole thing started as a hoax, with a joke news outlet saying that is was happening when it wasn’t really, but then a bunch of people started to do it after seeing the news, bringing fiction to fact.

The Dangers

If you’re going to lick someone’s eyeball, you should know it can be very bad. You can give someone gross infections like pink eye, which is not too serious but highly contagious and definitely not fun. In addition to the practice allegedly being popular in Japan, some say there has also been a presence of it in the US Virgin Islands. One popular picture put in the news of the story is college students wearing eye patches because of their conjunctivitis problems! Of course it seems like eyeball licking is a very intimate act so make sure to get the same tests you would have if you were going to have sex with someone.

Take Out Your Contacts

With most fetishes it is recommended that you get into it gradually, but since this one is so specific, it’s one that you just kind of have to try in order to get into it. If you wear contacts definitely take them out before you get your eyeball licked, and maybe brush your teeth beforehand so that you have the least amount of bacteria in there possible? But wait long enough so that the minty freshness doesn’t hurt the eyeball.

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