Nerd Boys

“Be nice to nerds. You might end up working for them one day.”

-Charles J. Sykes


A nerd guy is a dude who might lack social skills, typically wears glasses, and can easily get obsessed with computers or technical stuff. There are all sorts of nerds and being a nerd used to be considered a bad thing, but now opinions have gradually changed. All the people who used to be nerds are now high-powered technical executives or popular in online fandoms. However, there are other types of nerd men. These are guys who live in their mom’s basement and fap to porn all day while making sure that they leave their internet comments on everything, whether it’s helpful or not. There are nerds who are in the medical field who love to have a good time in the science lab. And there are nerds who enjoy playing video games. Whatever type of nerd you are, there are gamer girls for you!

Nerd Porn

Did you know there is porn just for nerds? There is porn where girls are playing your favorite video games and they can even play with you live on webcam. There is also porn where chicks are reading books and just overall being nerdy. For some guys all it takes is a chick in glasses to get off! If you like things old-school then you can easily see that the old trope of the sexy librarian turned into the nerdy pornstar of today.

Find Your Own Nerd

Porn is great but don’t you want to find your own nerd to date in real life? If you do, then you will want to get onto a nerd dating site, or find one that is specific to your favorite hobby. Nerds are the future or so they say. This is because they have lots of ideas for the future and knowledge about technology. There are even nerdy dating events for people in certain industries that are quite nerdalicious. If you’re a dork don’t fret, there is even someone out there for you to date.

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