“Girls have got balls. They’re just a little higher up is all.”

-Joan Jett


Motorboating happens when a guy or gal puts their face in between a girl’s tits and blows out hard with their mouth while shaking their face in the busty slut’s cleavage. Neither party gets immediate sexual pleasure from it, but there are those who find it alluring and it’s a great way to advertise the offer of your big tits for a crowd of spectators. Usually there is also a lot of spit left on the girls boobs and that can be alluring on its own!

Motorboat Etiquette

If you are going to motorboat someone, you should get their permission first. A lot of guys think it is fun to just go up to a hot girl and do it out of nowhere, but that is one thing that might get you a black eye or kicked out of the club. You always need to ask before you touch someone, especially in a sensitive area like their boobs. It would be nice if you got the girl a towel or something to clean up afterwards, if there’s not going to be any further sexual activity.

What The Fuck Does This Have To Do With Boats?

Motorboating is named because when you put your face in between two big tits and blow out against her chest, the noise you hear as her skin wriggles against your ears sounds vaguely the same as a motorboat engine, especially when it is just starting up or turning off, when the revolutions are a bit slower. Try it and hear for yourself – just make sure her tits are big enough to give you the full sensation!

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