“Women complain about premenstrual syndrome, but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself.”

-Roseanne Barr


If you’ve got a fetish for menstruation, it’s pretty clear what that is about. You love having sex when your girl is on her period, and that time of the month is your favorite time. Anyone – guy or girl can have this fetish which is also known as menophilia, and it shows up in different forms. Some people simply like to have sex with a girl when she is on her period. Others enjoy the products that help a girl during that time of the month such as used pads and tampons. There are also many people who don’t have a period fetish who simply like fucking during menstruation because it’s like extra lubrication!

How To

If you’re wondering how to have sex with a girl during that time of the month, it’s all pretty simple. Just put down a few towels, hopefully red in color, and start doing what you would normally do. Sex is actually good for this time, because it can help women reduce cramps and release hormones that help to combat the bad moods that can happen when a girl is getting a visit from her monthly friend. Lots of people are afraid to do period sex because it’s somewhat taboo, but trust us, your girl will really appreciate it.

Extremes of Menophilia

While most people shy away from oral during a girl’s period, some people relish the opportunity to lick a snatch and get their faces all messy and covered in the red liquid. Other people like to periodically lick their menstruating partner clean when it comes to that time, and they also kind of get off on helping them feel better by getting them things like hot water bottles and pain meds for their cramps.

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