“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it.”

-Native American Saying


Menophilia is for people who really like women when they are menstruating. They realize that this is a special time and a powerful time for a woman. Society has women believing that their periods are more of a problem than a benefit, when they are actually incredible because they are what enable a woman to create life with her pussy. However, for those who appreciate a female period, they don’t mind going down on a girl when there might be a little bit of a rust belt situation, or fucking her when there is a flow of the red stuff.

Why People Like It

For some people it’s just that it’s more of a taboo thing, and taboo things make them turned on. Others are simply down for the cause that women should get pleasure whenever they want, and not just when they are not on their periods. Women like it because sex on the period can help with some of the symptoms like cramps and emotional turmoil caused by hormonal fluctuations. Getting laid on your period also just feels good since everything is pretty lubed up with the extra fluids that are constantly coming out.

Are You a Vampire?

Some with a vampire fetish also enjoy period sex because it makes them feel closer to the substance they so desire, though it doesn’t actually fit into the mold of the vampire who bites and sucks from the bite marks. However, for a vampire freak, licking the pussy of a fertile slut who is menstruating can be a close second to the more traditional bite. If you want to try pussy sex with a menstruating girl, just ask! She will probably be thrilled that you are interested in doing such a thing, as sex can often also help to alleviate her cramps. Go ahead and try it, she will thank you… period!

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