Natural Boobs

“Many women think you need big boobs but I’m the living proof that you can get by with small ones.”

-Cameron Diaz


Natural boobs belong to chicks who haven’t gone under the knife at all. They may have big tits or small ones but they haven’t ever decided to enhance them. You might not believe that a girl can have nice tits without a boob job but if you think that then you haven’t really seen too many pornstars! There are a lot of babes in porn whose big tits are actually 100% real. Natural tits are nice, but so are fake ones. Sure, you’re entitled to your preferences but let’s be real… tits are amazing no matter what size or how a girl got them!

Pornstars with Natural Tits

Lana Rhoades is a pornstar who has size 32D tits that are completely natural. She quickly became one of the most in-demand pornstars, partially because of her all natural boobies. Kylie Page is another girl with amazing natural 34G boobs and she truly loves to show off those natural huge knockers! Siri is another famous curvy girl with huge 32H breasts. You need to check out these girls and all the other ones who are also natural up top!

Natural Vs. Fake

Why do some people prefer natural tits over fake ones? Well, they have a certain texture. They are firm yet forgiving, and they fall naturally on the body. Fake tits can be kind of hard and have a… well, unnatural feeling. Natural boobs have the tendency to look better on a person, whereas with fake tits if they didn’t get a good job done then they might look too stretched out or weird! If you want to feel the difference just head out to the strip club and try to feel the tits of natural chicks and unnatural ones – after getting their permission, of course. You’ll learn the difference soon enough!

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