“To alienate human beings from their own decision-making is to change them into objects.”

-Paulo Freire


Objectification is the act of dehumanizing a person for pleasure. This can be done through a variety of methods and suggestions, like turning someone into a human footstool, or making them lay on the ground like a rug for you to walk on.

The Fetish

This is a type of humiliation play that is designed to strip another of their humanity. Objectification can involve a person being used as living furniture for other people or roles similar to that, where they are no longer being treated as a person. Having your partner walk on you, sit on you, prop pieces of clothing or other inanimate objects on you as if you were a table are all part of the objectification fetish. It’s entirely about treating someone as an object to be utilized as the dominant sees fit. To maintain the perception that the sub is an object, often boundaries and time limits may be put in place to make sure the fetish is pursued to its highest potential.

What To Do

Because this is such a commonly pursued kink and objectification is a widely practiced fetish in the BDSM community, you’ll be able to find a lot of online discussions and literature around it. Finding partners to pursue this with you and objectify you accordingly won’t be that difficult. Make sure you implement some boundaries around this fetish – setting time limits or making a safe-word for when you’re ready to be done are some good places to start. If you have any body issues (such as chronic pain or mobility impairments), then make sure those are known ahead of time, so that you’re not put into a position for an extensive amount of time that causes you too much distress.

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