“I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite.”

-Bette Midler


Odaxelagnia is a sexual fetish for biting. It can mean either getting sexually aroused from biting or from being bitten.

Always Bite Back

Biting is a very common action for sexual arousal for people. Alfred Kinsey in his legendary Kinsey Report on human sexuality reported that more than half his respondents reported sexual arousal from biting. Using our mouths is a primary tool in the good sex toolbox, but people with the odaxelagnia fetish like biting more than the average bear. They gain intense sexual arousal and pleasure from biting or being bitten. With this fetish, however, the biting does not always have to be with another person. It could mean biting a fruit, or a plush toy, or biting down on an object. It can also mean watching people bite, or doing the biting themselves.


Biting is a great feeling and can be extremely pleasurable. The biggest concern with biting is biting too hard and breaking the skin. The human mouth is filled with bacteria and microorganisms, so a bite that breaks the skin can be very dangerous and can cause serious infection. If you break the skin with biting, make sure to stop immediately, wash the wound and treat it with antibacterial ointment. The wound should be bandaged to keep it clean. If it looks inflamed or infected you should go to the doctor immediately for medical treatment.

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