‘Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love. It humbles my heart, for You are everywhere.’

-Giles (The Shape of Water)


Aquaphilia is a fetish that involves sexual activity under water, finding sexual arousal in photos of people underwater, and underwater activity such as swimming.

The Shape of Water

Most everyone has had an interest in water sex. Maybe it is sex in a pool or in a bath, in the ocean, a lake, or a river – regardless of the location, there is something sexy about being weightless in water with your sexual partner. You move more fluidly, you can get into positions that would be impossible in any other location, plus the added benefit of your whole body being wet. 

Aquaphilia is not only getting sexual arousal from sex in water but also from seeing people in water in life, photos, or movies. The most famous movie that turned some people into momentary aquaphiliacs was “The Shape of Water”. The movie has a highly erotic atmosphere which reaches a pinnacle with a bathtub sex scene between the fish-man and the mute heroine. The scene was romantic and erotic in a way that only director Guillermo del Toro could manage. It not only inspired several fish man sex toys, but also a renewed interest in water sex. 

Underwater Sex In History & Culture

A lot of people get excited at the idea of aquatic sex. Apparently Tiberius Caesar liked it when males would swim up to him and nibble on his genitals like minnows.  Many cultures are very supportive of it. Hinduism is one that is not. Sex in water is prohibited and if someone engages in aquatic sex they have to fast for 24 hours as punishment. 

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