“Mental penetration isn’t about physical copulation, but a cerebral stimulation causing ejaculations of the mind…”

-Sanjo Jendayi

Definition of Sapiosexual

A person who is sapiosexual is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. In many cases, they believe that intellect is one of the most important qualities to have in a partner. That said, people who are sapiosexual can also have other turn-ons that might be more mainstream. The definition of sapiosexual has expanded over the years and also includes people who are emotionally turned on by intelligence. It is sometimes considered a sexual orientation, albeit a fringe, somewhat controversial one. Intelligence is the genuine turn-on for these people, not the status, job, or financial benefits that could accompany the intelligence of the person they are attracted to.

How To Tell If You Are Sapiosexual

People who are drawn to potential partners mainly by their intelligence can be sapiosexuals. In most cases, this attribute is more important to them than looks or personality. If you find yourself drawn to a person’s intellect most of all, you are likely sapiosexual. People enjoy sapiosexual relationships through conversations and activities that focus on intelligence. Intellectual conversations are a turn-on, and you may need to have a deep, meaningful discussion before sexual activity crosses your mind. Intellect for many sapiosexuals is even more important than the emotional “spark” that is usually considered the basis of many types of relationships.

Is Sapiosexuality A Sexual Orientation?

There has been controversy about whether sapiosexual is a sexual orientation. Sexual orientations and sexualities can be fluid, and the terminology that is used is extensive. Many people feel that sapiosexual people should not be included in the LGBT umbrella, though some sexuality experts advocate it as valid orientation. If you find yourself attracted by intelligence, to the extent of it being the highest priority in your dating life and in relationships, this may be the most accurate term to express your sexuality. Many people believe that gender is always another consideration for sapiosexual people, though for some intellect trumps gender. Ultimately, labels can be helpful for many people by allowing them to feel more comfortable, confident, and secure in their sexuality. If this term feels like the best descriptor, or a valid one for you, then you should use it.

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