“Just like the first breath of life, any engine must be triggered in order to turn it on.”

-Toba Beta


Revving as a kink revolves around someone revving an engine, also known as “pedal pushing” or “pedal pumping”. Apart from an attraction to the engine sound and vibration, it is commonly associated with a woman’s foot in high heels pushing down on a gas pedal and is depicted that way in a large number of images surrounding this fetish. Women’s bare feet pushing gas pedals is also a popular imagery for those with the revving kink. Women that participate in this fetish are often referred to as “gas pedal honeys” and can have a variety of different looks.

The Fetish

Revving is a kink that is often found among muscle car fanatics, due to the intensity of the sound that muscle car engines make. The sound of the car can sometimes kick off this fetish, but it can also involve having sex on a car while the engine is revving, or inside of the car. It isn’t limited to just the sound of a revving engine, because the power of the motor can be felt throughout the entirety of the car. This kink is often associated with the kinds of sounds and sensations that powerful cars provide.

What To Do

There are many avenues and a wide array of choices to explore to get this kink fulfilled, whether the focus of your fetish is engine revving or gas pedal beauties. There are tons of forums about muscle cars, as well as sites and clubs that are fixated on powerful engines that you can join. There are also several websites devoted to images of beautiful ladies in high heels pushing down on gas pedals. Finding a partner that already has a muscle car is going to be a good way for you to fulfill this fetish without having to find random partners. Having access to a muscle car that you know you’ll be to have fun on, in or around will allow you to pursue all aspects of this fetish as often as you want. If not, then you’ll be able to find plenty of willing participants at muscle car events or through online resources. Make sure they understand your kink ahead of time and you’ll be able to have as much excitement from the revving of their engine as possible.

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