“Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”

-Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: Odyssey Two


People with a robotism fetish have an erotic or sexual fascination with robots, cyborgs, or androids. This may also involve an attraction to another person portraying any of the aforementioned things. Robot fetishists often crave having actual sex with robots, and they use either entirely automated devices to pleasure themselves, or have other people portray the roles of robotic individuals to arouse them.

Finding Robot Lovers

If you’re into robots, cyborgs, and/or androids, you may want to look into people that are science fiction fans to roleplay this fantasy with you. Many LARPers are already going to be geared towards this fantasy, and may already have the right outfits to suit your needs. If you’re not looking for a human partner to participate in your fantasy, then there are machines that have been built to service your needs, and you can find them online.

Virtual Robotism

We are surrounded by an ever-changing landscape of technology, and AI has only gotten more intense and realistic as time passes. If you would like to explore this kink further without people directly involved, there are also adult game sites that will allow you to create avatars and sexual partners that are part, or all, machine. This may be a way for you to hone your kink interests involving machines before having to interact further with other people, and you will also be able to have virtual interactions via your avatar with other players in-game. The possible ways for you to interact with your robotism kink are truly growing vaster every day!

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