Food Play

“You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.”

-Ronald Reagan


Food play is any kind of sexual play that involves items you would normally eat. It could be dripping sexy chocolate or whipped cream on yourself, or sticking a zucchini in your orifices. Some who like food play, also known as sitophilia, enjoy messy things like girls who sit on cakes or who pour raw batter all over themselves, but other simply enjoy the fact that playing with your food has always been seen as naughty, and anything taboo turns them on. In addition, there are some foods that are supposed to create sexual effects when a person eats them which are known as aphrodisiacs.

Food and Genitals

Whenever mixing food and vaginas, you have to be very careful because adding too much sugar down there is a sure way to lead to a yeast infection. If you do end up playing with sugary foods like chocolate sauce or whipped cream, don’t put it inside the hole because it will be hard to clean her out. Even with a douche it will be hard to get all the sugar to leave your preciously balanced pussy. In addition, when playing with produce it is best to put a conDom on it because you never know what harmful pesticides might be lingering, even if you’ve washed it. Protecting the pussy is pretty easy, so do it with vigor!


There are some aphrodisiacs that are simply traditional foods from ancient times, but they haven’t been proven to work or not. Then there are those elements which have been proven in studies to boost libidos, whether in the moment or over a period of time of consumption. Oysters are one common aphrodisiac with zinc and amino acids which trigger the release of sexual hormones in most people, meaning that a plate of oysters will have you climbing the walls. Hot chili peppers make you feel hot – literally – and this could increase blood flow to those sensitive bits that need to get prepared for XXX action. Porn director Mike Adriano has famously filmed dozens of scenes where he jams a stick of butter in his costar’s assholes, and in one noteworthy example of sitophilia he uses one girl’s asshole as a cereal bowl while he and another girl spoon fruit rings and milk out of her colon for a breakfast snack. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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