“I once had a problem, so I tried group sex. Now I have a new problem – who to thank!”

-Rodney Dangerfield


A foursome is a pretty explanatory term for group sex that involves four people. There are tons of different combinations of people that you can have a foursome with, more so than a threesome – since you have one extra participant! You can have two couples, which might be called swinging depending on what type of community you are in. You can have three girls and a guy, and the lucky dude will have his choice of all the ladies’ holes! There is also the possibility of a foursome with three guys and a girl, where surely all of her holes will get filled by cock. How perfect – three cocks means one each for her pussy, ass and mouth!

Finding Foursomes

If you want to have a foursome then you may be wondering how the heck do you make this happen? You will need to first make sure you have enough confidence and swagger to organize such an affair. Don’t be shy – group sex is the prize at the end of this journey. Try going to a local sex party or find a swingers dating website to find people who might be open to this type of thing. Once you do that, keep in mind what you want to do in a foursome, and keep an eye out for the types of people you want to play with. All it takes is making a few fun friends and getting them together for an evening of sexy fun.

Making it Happen

If you invite a bunch of people over to your house for a foursome, you might have a little trouble getting the whole shindig started. You may want to simply jump into things but people usually need a little warm up. Make sure you have some snacks and entertainment available to get people in the mood. When the time is right, just suggest to go into the bedroom or maybe even set up a game of strip poker in order to heat things up!

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