“One thing most furries agree on is this: They aren’t sex freaks.”

-Melissa Meinzer


A furry is someone who has enthusiasm for dressing up in a costume that covers their body from head to toe. The costume usually turns them into a giant stuffie and can cover a wide variety of topics from woodland creatures to popular characters on TV and in movies. They often look like sports mascot outfits or things you might see at an amusement park, but they are just here for fun. Some furries like to dress up but for them it is not sexual at all, for others, dressing up in an outfit is part of some sexy roleplay.

Getting Furry

If you think you might be a furry first you should try it. There are all sorts of furry conventions that you can attend and furry dating sites to browse to find your furry match. If you want to you can always look online and find someone to hang out with. If you’ve already got a partner, you can try bringing it into your sex like by trying to wear furry scarves or hats that looking like something cute and then bringing it up from there. Get a furry blanket or something to find out if you like the texture, or play the role of a character to see if you find that fun too.

Authenticity Aint Cheap

Being a furry can get kind of pricey. A lot of the good quality costumes can run anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. In addition, there is a code of furry etiquette, since you can’t see someone’s face when you meet them! Never engage with someone who seems like they’re not into it. Plus, the temperature inside of suits can get really hot so you must take breaks and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated because you will definitely sweat a whole bunch.

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