“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.”

-Vera Nazarian


Fingering is a sexual act done by a lot of people as a form of foreplay. It basically involves sticking your fingers in someone’s pussy or asshole in order to give them pleasure. How helpful that our fingers were designed by some higher power, evolution or natural selection (depending on what you believe) in the perfect shape for phallic pleasure! Some people like to stick a few fingers in any hole, while others enjoy working up to a whole entire fist! Fingering is one of the most basic sex acts around, appropriate for anyone from a sex novice to a total slut.

How To Finger

Learning how to finger is really easy. Start with one finger – usually the pointer or middle finger – and stick it in! If you are planning to finger someone’s ass, you should definitely use lube. If you’re aiming for the pussy, if your partner is sufficiently wet then they might not need any. After you’re in, just move it around until you hear your partner moaning really loud. Of course you can also ask them what feels good and that will help you get onto the right track too. Most women enjoy a finger-fucking with a come hither motion in their pussy for g-spot stimulation, as do men in the ass for prostate stimulation.

Fingering Etiquette

Rule number one for fingering is to trim your fingernails. Any sharp ones can cause some scratching and that is not fun. If you do have long fingernails that you don’t want to trim, you should put a cotton ball in the tip of a latex or nitrile glove and then stick your finger in. This will help you to avoid scratching the delicate membranes of your lover’s holes!

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“I’ve felt inexplicably happy seeing my husband treated affectionately and adoringly by another.”

-Victoria Vantoch


An FFM threesome is basically every guy’s major fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to have a threesome with a bunch of hot girls? An FFM threesome is one that is comprised of two chicks and a dude, so all the attention is usually focused on the guy. The girls take care of him and make sure that his dick has plenty of holes to explore including mouths, pussies and sometimes assholes. There is a lot of threesome porn out there to give you a good idea of what you can do in one of these joyous group sex events. Of course it also helps if the girls are bisexual, because then they can play with each other too.

Finding a Threesome Partner

If you are already in a relationship then you are one step closer to finding a threesome partner. Most people who have an FFM threesome start out as a hetero couple. Then they find a third person, usually a friend or acquaintance who can come over and play. However, it is kind of a dicey situation. There can be some jealousy involved and you want to make sure to talk things over very thoroughly with your partner so that they know where you both stand with your new sex friend. It should be pretty easy to find a partner for this activity – all you have to do is ask.

Threesome Ideas

Most people think that an FFM threesome is all about two girls offering up their pussies to a guy – which it is – but there are some other ideas that you should definitely not ignore at all. You need to absolutely try getting a double blowjob – that is done by two girls at the same time. You can also try having the chicks wear strap-ons and go at you if you are interested in that sort of thing. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, because you will have a great time!

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“If you’re going to be in an orgy, the middle is the best spot, isn’t it.”

-Jim Butcher


An FFFM orgy is one that takes place between three chicks and a dude. Gosh that is one lucky guy! He gets to have three ladies all to himself with no other cocks trying to steal the attention. There are many different ways that this can happen. It can be all about the guy trying to pleasure all of his ladies or the chicks working together to give this dude the best night of his life. This is probably every man’s fantasy taken to the next level, because most dudes can only dream of even having a threesome, let alone a foursome or even sex with a bigger group than that. Your life’s experiences are only limited by your imagination, so don’t cut yourself off from any possibilities!

Orgy Hotspots

Most of the time you can find a good orgy to go to in any metropolitan area. Just look up sex clubs for that area and then go to a party! You might need to get a date, but there are swinger dating sites just for that very thing. Once you go to a party, you can meet people who are interested in the same things as you. Some of these people will tend to host private orgies in their homes. This is how you can make your dream of an FFFM orgy happen in real life!

How to Ask

How do you ask your female friends to participate in such an event? Well, there are a few ways to go about it. You can make it happen somewhat spontaneously at a sex party. But it’s really better to be up front about this type of thing. Just ask your friends if they’d be interested, if you think they wouldn’t be offended at that type of proposition. Some people who are a bit more uptight would probably not be into it, but the worst thing that can happen is that they will say no.

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“One of the less well-advertised secrets of group sex was how often it came down to logistics.”

-Alex Hall


FFFFM is a more complicated way to say that you are going to have a fivesome that takes place between four ladies and a guy. The guy is probably going to be one lucky fucker that evening. It could be a hetero couple and their bisexual girlfriends, or just a bunch of lesbians who want to punish a dude with a strap-on gangbang. There are also all different kinds of combinations, like people who are in a polyamorous relationship together, or a group of friends who like to get naughty together. In this type of group sex everyone has a good time because there are more than enough tongues, pussies and fingers to go around for everyone! Some girls would be happier if there was another cock in the equation, but let’s be real, no one is complaining.

Make it Happen

Some people dream of having a threesome so hard that they never even realize they could have had a foursome or a fivesome instead! Well, don’t let your dreams be limited by the number of people, because once you enter a kinky community like a poly or swinger group the possibilities are endless. You will meet people who are interested in having all kinds of group sex configurations and female, female, female, female, male is just one of them. Whether you’re being dominated by a group of cackling witches or you are the king of four obedient subs, just become part of a sexy group to make this type of beautiful music with a quintet.

Group Sex Advice

If you’re in a serious relationship with one of the people in the group, be careful. There is some advice that would be good to mention here. Make sure you give your partner the time and attention they need and that you don’t get too overly excited by the new people in the group. That way your partner won’t feel left out of the sex extravaganza!

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Fake Boobs

“If god had wanted women to have giant fake boobs he’d be a lot like my brother.”

-Dana Gould


Fake boobs are what happens when a girl goes under the knife to get her chest surgically enhanced. Fake boobs are an awesome addition to any woman because if they weren’t given the genetic gifts they were hoping for, they can always get them whenever they want them! People get fake tits for many reasons. Pornstars and strippers get them so that they can be more popular and successful in their careers. Other women get them so that they can feel good about themselves, and some people get them to make their partners happy. Whatever your reason for getting fake boobs, it’s always a fun thing to see.

Fake Tit Pornstars

So many pornstars have fake tits. Some of the most popular ones with giant out of this world knockers include Sophie Dee, who has gorgeous fake 36F tits. She didn’t always have them and got her new tits just to start doing porn. Another porn actress with fake tits is Eva Notty. Hers are quite large, being an H cup. They are unbelievable to look at – and just imagine how good they must feel! Most people agree that MILF Sara Jay also got a good deal out of her giant E cup fake boobs. They are outrageously large but they don’t look terribly unnatural. They have helped to turn her into the star that she is today.Finally, Jayden James is another cutie who had her tits upgraded to an E cup to satisfy her fans.

To Do or Not To Do

Only the person getting fake tits should be the one deciding if they should get them. Sometimes people try to pressure others into getting them because they think it will look hot, but the person who has them is the one who is going to have to deal with them for the rest of their lives. Big tits come with problems. It’s harder to exercise and back problems can develop too. You can certainly bring it up with your partner or favorite pornstar, but don’t put the pressure on because in general, that’s not considered too nice!

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Fan Fiction

“Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker.”

-Lev Grossman


Fan Fiction is pretty much any type of fiction that is based on a work of pop culture that already exists, but is written by someone who is a fan. A lot of times the stories are simply reworking stories that have different endings that the writer would rather have seen, but increasingly the stories are more and more erotic, and they bring together characters that would not hook up for real in the original works. Fan fiction is a protected form of art in the US because it is considered to be a derivative or parody, so the first amendment protects these writers from getting sued by authors who are upset that someone else saw a new and sexier vision for their stories.

Why People Love Fan Fiction Sex

People love fan fiction for some very obvious reasons. First of all, since it is the written word in general, the stories don’t have to abide by the laws of physics. Your favorite comic character could have his cock grow 10 inches by a special laser ray, or the whole thing could take place on another planet with other types of life forms we’ve never seen before. Plus, it involves the entire movie, TV show and book characters that people have crushes on getting sexy so, what could be bad about that?

Popular XXX Fan Fiction

Would you believe that the insanely popular book series by EL James known as 50 Shades of Grey was originally fan fiction of the Twilight books? She started writing it that way but as the story developed, she turned it more into her own line of work. She even had to remove some of her saucy and sexual stories from the fan fiction website where authors can post their work because some of them were just too racy!

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“Conversation is the sexiest foreplay, the perfect prelude to sex, the fiery banter that gets you heated, the stimulation of the mind that transmits to the body.”

-Zara Barrie


Foreplay is something that should be a part of every sexual interaction. It is what happens when you tease and tantalize your partner before you have actual penetrative sex. Some people would argue that foreplay is more important than actual penetrative sex, if you believe that the journey is more important than the destination. Sex that just goes straight to the fucking isn’t always as good. Sometimes if a pussy is involved the slit isn’t lubed up quite enough and the cock isn’t quite hard enough, but foreplay can help to get you there.

Foreplay Ideas

Foreplay can literally include just about anything. Blowjobs and pussy licking can be considered foreplay if it happens before the fucking occurs. However, role-play, dressing up, snuggling, dirty talk and phone sex can all be a part of foreplay. Foreplay, as the word would suggest is anything that happens before the sex. Foreplay is often the bulk of the sexual experience because some people cum quickly after such hot activities have taken place. Foreplay is basically when you are getting your partner revved up for the big affair.

Is Foreplay A Requirement?

There is a theory going around that foreplay is actually a requirement for women. Some people think that they need some extra playtime in order to have good orgasms. Most people believe that if you give a woman a little foreplay, that then when you try to actually make her cum, it will happen much faster. This is because for women arousal and orgasms are more psychological than it is for men, and the foreplay helps them really drop down into that pleasure center.

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“The ass is the face of the soul of sex.”

-Charles Bukowski


Facesitting is exactly what it sounds like. It’s mainly done when someone with a pussy sits her snatch down right on top of a guy or girl’s face. Depending on how dominant and aggressive she is, this may turn into a smothering session where the bottom’s intake of air is completely dependent on how generous the girl on top is feeling. She might even use her ass if it is big enough to smother the guy and make him sniff her special booty scent, depending on how sadistic she is feeling.

Face sitting Tools

If you’re into facesitting you should know that there are some tools that can help you. There are furniture items called face sitting stools, which can be a simple box with an opening for the face to poke through or much more ornate custom pieces crafted by face-sitting artisans. A proper stool makes it much more pleasurable for the Dom because then they don’t have to physically support themself while squatting down on the face of their sub for hours at a time! The stool is also sometimes known as a smotherbox because usually it makes the Domme more in control since it makes it so that the submissive can not pull their head away as they would be able to without such a cruel tool.

Smothering Safety

Since your gasping sub will probably not be able to speak when you are sitting on their face and demanding their pleasure, you should come up with a specific sound or motion that will let you know they are using the safeword signal. A knock on the floor with a hand or a specific sequence of grunts – like three in a row – would be a perfect safeword for this type of scenario. Also, even though you want to be mean you definitely need to let your bottom breathe once in awhile! If you’re playing this way, you should also be well versed in CPR in case you encounter any serious health problems like fainting that can occur.

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“I have to say I’m all for public flogging.”

-Ann Coulter


Flogging originated as a punishment in olden days and back then it was not so nice. Some countries still use it as a punishment but they aren’t considered very forward thinking at all. It involves taking the instrument known as a flogger and hitting someone with it. The ones that are made for consensual BDSM play are actually quite pleasant and many people liken a flogging to a spa treatment or a massage, though it can still get into the painful territory. Many find flogging to be a cathartic experience that can lead to emotional release, which they find helpful in the context of a sexual scene.


There are all different sorts of floggers and they can be made out of many different types of materials. There are plastic ones that are pretty painful, leather ones that are soft and leave a serious thud, or fake leather ones that try to emulate the same feeling. There are floggers made of shoelaces and others made of metal chains. The main thing is that each one has a different sensation. When you have a chance to try them in the store, you should ask the person who works there what the sensation is like to give you an idea of the intensity involved. Always use a flogger on a test item before using it on a person. A melon or a piece of meat are common choices because they allows you to gauge the impact without having to use your sub as a test subject.

Learning To Flog Right

There are also many ways to learn flogging, or flagellation as it was called when it was used for traditional forms of punishment. Some people like to do Florentine flogging, which is when you use two of them at the same time, and swing them in a methodical manner. Others simply use one flogger on the back and ass of a person. You should try to avoid the lower back and anywhere that has soft organs that might get damaged by hitting them too hard. Be careful, have fun and ALWAYS STOP immediately if a safeword or signal is used.

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“One thing most furries agree on is this: They aren’t sex freaks.”

-Melissa Meinzer


A furry is someone who has enthusiasm for dressing up in a costume that covers their body from head to toe. The costume usually turns them into a giant stuffie and can cover a wide variety of topics from woodland creatures to popular characters on TV and in movies. They often look like sports mascot outfits or things you might see at an amusement park, but they are just here for fun. Some furries like to dress up but for them it is not sexual at all, for others, dressing up in an outfit is part of some sexy roleplay.

Getting Furry

If you think you might be a furry first you should try it. There are all sorts of furry conventions that you can attend and furry dating sites to browse to find your furry match. If you want to you can always look online and find someone to hang out with. If you’ve already got a partner, you can try bringing it into your sex like by trying to wear furry scarves or hats that looking like something cute and then bringing it up from there. Get a furry blanket or something to find out if you like the texture, or play the role of a character to see if you find that fun too.

Authenticity Aint Cheap

Being a furry can get kind of pricey. A lot of the good quality costumes can run anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. In addition, there is a code of furry etiquette, since you can’t see someone’s face when you meet them! Never engage with someone who seems like they’re not into it. Plus, the temperature inside of suits can get really hot so you must take breaks and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated because you will definitely sweat a whole bunch.

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